How much should I offer? Podcast Episode 3

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When shopping for homes you will eventually find one you like.  The first question you will likely have is, “how much should I offer on this home?”

Only you can answer this question because a home offer is a personal opinion of value based ownership goals.

Everybody has different goals when it comes to owning a home.  My goals would be different from yours.  If I arrive at a price it would easily be much different from yours.  That is why it’s so important that you arrive at an offer price on your own.

The following podcast will walk you through the process of understanding your goals and arriving at an offer price.  This podcast covers,

  • How personal goals effect home value
  • How to choose your offer price
  • How to get your offer accepted
  • Where to find an accurate home valuation
  • Why you should always consider at new construction

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Here’s a few notes from the podcast,

Ask your real estate agent for a market valuation.  Starting from the market valuation offer more or less depending on how closely the property meets your ownership goals.  If it meets them well you may offer extra to increase the chances of getting the property.  This price you arrive at is the “Personal Value” of that property.  Write it on your offer and present it to the seller!

WARNING: Online market valuation calculators and people without access to market data can easily miss-inform you.  Make sure you get market information directly a real estate professional who can advise you based off real market data.

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