Our best advice for getting your first offer accepted: No meetings, no pressure, no signatures required

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Investing a minutes could make the difference difference between compromising on your goals or getting the home you desire. That is why I challenge you to prepare for your first offer BEFORE you look at any homes.

Over the next 5 days we are going to show you exactly, how to find the home you desire, present your offer, and get your keys.

Day 1: Learn what to look out for when buying a home in Arizona.
Day 2: How to view accurate listings while everybody else searches out dated online listings.
Day 3: Make your offer as good as gold even if using a home loan.
Day 4: What you need to know to get your keys after your offer is accepted.
Day 5: How to hire a rock star team to help you using somebody else’s money.

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My friend every week thereafter we are going to email you one tip on how to gain leverage with home sellers regardless of market conditions. Our proprietary methods have net 4% to 30% on transactions our clients have closed. That is 4% to %30 LESS than the exact same floor plans, homes in the condition, and homes in the SAME neighborhoods. These methods are by up indisputable data such as appraisals, and even dollars realized in the sale of the SAME home. What does this mean to you? Leverage is what you need to get what you desire, be it a sound Real Estate investment or a purchase in a solid community with a top notch school district to raise your kids.