We both hate paperwork… Now enjoy your agreement listing forms

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Arizona Listing Agreement Forms

In my former life I was an Engineer. I got to work on all sorts of cool stuff like rockets and jumbo jets.

Sounds cool but honestly, helping you list your home is much more exciting!


Because designing aerospace gizmos is mostly doing mountains of paperwork.

Both you and I HATE paperwork.

There’s no escaping the legalese though, even in Real Estate.

The good news is though we can get a bulk of it out of the way up front so we can move onto the fun stuff!

First, who is your real estate agent?

Think of us as your coach

We have years of experience, in fact our team has a combined 100+ years in the business.

That means we have all sorts of ways to help you meet you goals. However, this takes teamwork. We will be prescribing actions for you to take.

They may be sprucing up the house, moving suggestions, or clerical details on your title.

Everything will help you make your sale & move a breeze, less stressful and perhaps even fun!

We have a coaching period BEFORE you put your home on the market to get everything squared away.

Before we begin though we need to make a commitment to work with us so our hard work goes to good cause, getting your home sold…

Hire your agent

Sit back relax and grab a big bowl of popcorn. We are about to watch three short clips.

No booze though, when reviewing / signing all contracts you have to be alert.

And make sure to have a pen & paper handy. You will want to write your questions down for when you review the paperwork with your listing agent.

Note: the fields filled out in this form are for informational purposes only. They do not represent what will be on your listing agreement.

This video is intended for informational purposes ONLY.

Documents reviewed in this email that will be a part of your agent’s hire packet.

Clip 1: Tucson Association of Realtors Listing Agreement

Link to TAR Listing Agreement

This document hires your agent. We recommend adding a few addenda to the hire contract (1) show only offers with proof of funds ~ loan pre-qual or bank statement (2) you agree to counter or accept all offers (3) you agree to turn in seller disclosures prior to going on market and (4) you have a valid email address. Having the extra items squared away makes selling your home a much easier.

Clip 2: Lead Based Paint Disclosure

Link to AAR Lead Based Paint Disclosure

This form is required by federal law if your home was built prior to 1978 when Lead Based Paint was still used. Here you discloses any knowledge you do or do not have on Lead Based Paint in your home.

Clip 3: Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election

Link to AAR Agency Disclosure

This form explains who represents you and who represents the buyer. Typically we represent you. My broker and or your agent may also represent the buyer as well. This is known as dual agency which gets rather complex for your agent and requires a lot more work on your behalf. Moral of the story, your confidentiality is critical your home is listed. Do not share details of your listing with anybody but the agent and broker representing your listing.

Clip 4: Affiliated Business Disclosure 

Link to Tierra Antigua Affiliated Business Disclosure

Real Estate requires huge teams be assembled on a minute’s notice. This includes includes title, contractors, agents, lenders, lawyers, and more. Sometimes brokerages own some of these teams. When they do they must disclose this relationship so you can shop your team accordingly. You are not required to use any particular team (or vendor) but relationships must be disclosed.

Additional Paperwork

Link to TAR delay input:

Instructs MLS not to make your listing go the market until it’s ready. That is pictures are taken for sale sign is up, and you are ready.

Link to AAR Market Advisory: This discloses that we have no control over the market. Only the market can dictate the price your home sells for.

Depending on what your type of listing you may have a couple more pieces of paperwork your agent will review with you prior to signing.

Hey coach get on with the show!

There will be a lot of interaction with your coach as you prepare for putting your home on the market.

They will give you homework to complete. As you complete that,

  1. Your for sale sign will go up,
  2. Agent & contractor lock boxes will be installed
  3. Pictures will be taken of your property
  4. Flyers will be drafted
  5. Online marketing will be created
  6. Direct mail & print marketing will be created (optional)
  7. Agent open house gets scheduled
  8. And more…

Once your home hits the market

It is important that you have completed all the activities your agent prescribed. Most people will likely preview in the first few weeks. That is the first 30 to 45 days.

After this it will taper off as most buyers have already seen it. New buyers coming to the market will preview at that time.

Do not expect to hear a lot from your agent. Typically they are busy pushing your listing: networking with agents; getting buyer feedback; searching solutions to buyer objections; and working hard to get your home sold.

You however, will want to receive (1) notice of new competition going on the market (2) notice of similar homes which have sold and (3) hit statistics for your MLS ad. These can be sent out automatically from the systems your agent has in place.

If you see a slow down in hits or a change in market competition you will want to contact your agent and take corrective action to keep up with the market.

What you need to do now

Before we can get on with the fun we have to do your paperwork.

First, review the standard forms outlined in this article.

Second, write down questions you have for your agent.

Third, be ready to sign the forms and hire your agent.