Sawmill fire as viewed from Encore in Madera Highlands Sahuarita, Arizona

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Sunday 23 April 2017 was an amazing day. I took off with family to go into Tucson and visit the Air and Space Museum. As we headed north into Tucson I saw a relatively large cloud of what looked like dust. I thought it looked a bit strange but figured it was a bunch of trucks driving in the desert to work on the new Rosemont Mine.

I was awestruck when I returned home later that evening to what appeared as my entire community up in flames. As we appraoched my house I thought I’d better run in get my stuff and leave.

Then I took a walk out back and realized the mountain near Box Canyon was blaze. This is a good 10 miles from my home so I felt relatively safe. The inferno looked like something out of this world. I knew I had to capture a few pictures with my camera.

We have a front row seat to the fire here in Madera Highlands, and especially in the Encore Village. My lot faces the mountain so makes for an awesome place to snap photos. I actually called my neighbor on the way home Sunday night to ask if it was safe to go.

In the days that have followed I learned a guy sparked the fire target practicing at one of the ranges. It sounds horrible but would be easy enough. It’s important to check the fire danger / weather reports before you go out into the National Forest or even have a bon fire at your house.

Hats off to the fantastic local fire services, Green Valley Fire, who is assisting with the fire as well. A firefighter working this fire told me how to double check the fire risk before engauging in my wilderness activities. You can easily check at the National Weather Serivice Website HERE Type in your zip code and look at the reports before you go camping or shooting.

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