Thank you from a couple relocating from North Dakota to Madera Highalnds

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I met some great friends through work. Ron and Joyce were relocating from North Dakota. Joyce had stumbled across one one of our videos for Madera Highlands while looking for a relocation agent.

I came home to Joyce’s message in my email. It basically said, “We bought plane tickets to come out and buy a house in Madera Highlands. See you in two weeks.”

I promptly called up Joyce and we had a wonderful conversation. Honestly, I was a bit nervous as they bought plane tickets before we’d even talked. I thought wow they must really have a lot of trust but Joyce had explained she felt I was from the Midwest, which, well I am. This created a great rapport which I share with Ron and Joyce to this day.

I wanted them to get the most out of their visit so I put together a plan create preview videos of homes they liked and I previewed for them prior to their visit. Interestingly, they bought none of the homes we previewed. When they were in town we noticed a foreclosure being cleaned out. It wasn’t on the market yet, but we managed to sneak a look.

The bank’s cleaning crew was there and let in. I then contacted the listing agent as soon as the home came on the market. We worked some magic and they got the home. This place was $40,000 less than others we were considering yet similarly featured. The biggest plus was, the home was 2 doors down from fellow North Dakotans they already knew.

A few weeks later we closed on their home. They moved down and remodeled it. You’d NEVER recognize the place. It’s completely stunning.

You can checkout Madera Highlands HERE where Ron, Joyce, myself, and many friends live. I hope to help you too so don’t be shy. Drop me a line and let’s get the conversation started.