Tour a Hidden Gem, the Rancho Abrego Area, in Sahuarita Arizona

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There’s a niche of homes in Sahuarita that very few know of. They are FANTASTICALLY well located and very well built. This section of land was initially developed by several local builders, AF Sterling and Pepper Viner to name a couple… Now being developed by Dr. Horton.

I have long since felt this little niche offers some of the best value for the money in the Sahuarita, Area. You can literally walk to Wal-Mart shopping center, or jump on the interstate and be in Tucson in under 15 minutes. Plus the HOA(s) are VERY affordable. No Green Valley Recreation fees and NO expensive Rancho Sahuarita dues.

The communities are nestled along quite Abrego Drive and Pecan groves to east. One lesser known fact is, these homes are actually in Sahuarita jurisdiction. That means your taxes include fire protection, and no additional bill / subscription is required. They however, have Green Valley postal addresses as they are serviced by the Post Office off Continental Road in Green Valley.

The summer of 2016 I had the rare opportunity to sell the Pepper Viner Model home off Calle Trona. The folks who owned it used it a few months out of the year to come down and golf. They bought it complete with all the builder staging. We actually had my first bidding war on that home so it was an exciting project to work on. Click HERE to view the Pepper Viner Model Home I spoke of.

I’ve since sold more homes in the area but not nearly as many as I’d anticipated. Seems the inventory can run very low in this little corner of town. Right now I’m having a fantastic time working with Michele of Dr Horton Homes to build a home for our latest client.

I’d love to make your acquaintance and tell you about all the lesser known spots around the area before you buy your next home. Otherwise, if you’re looking to sell then you need to find somebody who knows how to put you on the map… This little corner of town definitely needs somebody to step up the marketing game. I think I may be the man for the job. Drop me a line below and we’ll get the conversation started.