Adventure Awaits You in an Exquisitely Beautiful Sky Island

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Madera Canyon / Mt Wrightson in Santa Rita Mountains of Arizona
Mt. Wrightson by Madera Canyon

Do you need a scenic get away?  Is the daily grind wearing you down?  Then Madera Canyon prefect escape for you.

It’s lofty mountain peaks, forested slopes, and seasonal streams are something you wouldn’t expect to see in the Desert.  That is because this Canyon supports a unique ecosystem known as a sky island.

Here life is sheltered from the harsh Desert floor supporting 15 species of hummingbirds including the Elegant Trogon, Sulphur-bellied Flycatch, Black-capped Gnatcher, and Flame-colored Tanager.

All-in-all there’s 256 species of birds in Madera Canyon making this the 3rd best birding destination in the United States.

Madera Canyon is also home to White-Tailed & Mule Deer, rabbits, wild turkeys, and squirrels.  Other animals such as the Black Bear, Coati, Foxes, Ring-Tailed Cats, Raccoons, Bobcats, and Mountain Lions are occasionally seen as well.

Visiting Madera Canyon

Where I escape to take pictures

My favorite weekend activity is to grab my camera, jump in my car, and escape into the countryside.

Then in 2009 I moved to close to Madera Canyon.  Now I don’t have to wait for the weekends to escape the hectic city life.  

I simply open my back door, walk into my yard, and setup my camera.

I realize you may not have a beautiful mountain scene in your backyard though.  So I have done my best to capture this stunning landscape for you.

My pictures can only say so much though.  You really must visit Madera Canyon for yourself.

A) Location of Madera Canyon

Madera Canyon is a 40 minute drive South of the Tucson Metro Area.  It features a lodge, cabins, back country camp sites, picnic areas, and miles of trails.  If you plan a visit make sure to bring the essentials.

Water Bottle there is no running water in the park aside from a few springs.

Light Snacks there is no place to get food inside the park.

Whistle & Flashlight it’s always a good idea to bring a whistle and flashlight in case you get lost.

Seasonal Clothing Madera Canyon has completely different weather than the surrounding Desert.  Make sure to dress in layers in case the weather gets cold and bring a rain coat.

A short drive up the road is a Wal-Mart and several restaurants just in case you did not come prepared.

Share with Your Friends

Make sure to let somebody know if you do plan to adventure on your own.  It is always safest to take a friend along though.

Together you and your friends will have fun exploring the countless miles of trails, spotting wildlife, and or enjoying a picnic lunch.  Plus you will have somebody to hold your camera!

Hope you have fun and stop by to my website when you’re done to checkout more awesome Arizona getaways.

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