Best strategies to pay off mortgage debt despite a tight budget

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How to manage mortgage debtSo you just settled into your new home and got your first mortgage payment!

The reality sets in that you will be paying your mortgage for years to come.  You start counting the days until your new home is paid off.

What if you could pay it off sooner without increasing your payment amount and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest?

Well my friend, we are going to tell you how to manage debt and pay it off early!

But first let me introduce a good friend and colleague,

Introducing Home Finance Expert Ian Brannon

In the podcast below, Ian, Myself and a Client of ours go over financial goals.  We walk her through how to pay off her mortgage in half the time, and scenarios that save as LITTLE as $17,000 in interest.  Ian also shares a little known tip on how to lower your monthly payment without refinancing.  Then explains exactly how and when it is still advantageous to refinance.  You are going to love this podcast!  Especially because you can easily save tens of thousands of dollars after listening to it!


Ian Brannon | Loan Officer

In this podcast you will learn

  • A simple plan to become debt free
  • How to pay your mortgage off in half the time
  • How to prepay your mortgage without paying any more
  • A better way to make biweekly payments
  • The best way to refinance
  • and more…

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Who exactly is Ian Brannon?

Ian Brannon obtained a degree from Cal Poly in 2002.  He went to work for a nationally known bank and quickly became a top producer.  After a few years he moved back to Tucson Arizona to continue his career in home finance and be closer to family.  He prides himself in helping individuals good credit, bad credit and all circumstances to qualify for their dream home.  You can reach him at ian.brannon(at) or by phone at (520) 618-5636

Note:  I highly encourage you to request licensing info for any loan officer you work with.  Here are Ian’s Credentials – NMLS 205989 / BK 0902429 / Nova NMLS 3087

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And if you or anybody you know is looking to buy or refinance a home make sure to have them contact myself and Ian.  After all Ian and I work hard to help our clients get the best deal possible on their home and financing.  Either of us can be reached at,

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