Green Valley Fairways Community Tour

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Green Valley Fairways is a hidden gem. Most people overlook it in their search. They feel the homes are too dated, this makes an awesome opportunity for those not afraid to invest a little sweat equity.

Green Valley Fairways was built by Maxim corporation. They established the club center there off Abrego which is now a part of Green Valley Recreation. The first homes were built in Fairways back in 1963 as a part of the Pima County Land grant which was previously cotton plantage. The community was built out in three phases along with Haven Golf Course.

What is most interesting to me is the type of construction for this era of home. It’s mostly masonry. I am partial to this type of construction. I feel it is superior in terms of maintenance and longevity. Many of these homes are mostly original as well which creates the best opportunity of all. The opportunity to customize the house to your liking AND get a home for less than market value. Of course if you are selling a few updates will put you with the best homes on the market. Here’s why,

Green Valley Fairways location is MORE than ideal. The community sets along the Santa Cruz River. The opposite bank is home to a massive pecan orchard spanning 14 miles north to south. Everything is in the shadow of a mountain range, the Santa Ritas, featuring a 9,456 foot peak, Mt Wrightson. A golf cart drive to the north is the Wal-Mart shopping complex complete with banking, dining, and of course Wal-Mart. Tucson is 10 minutes away if you desire a trip to the big city.

This last spring a friend contacted me. He wanted to do a Fix and Flip (remodel) in Green Valley. Our search lead us to Green Valley Fairways. We found a Fannie Mae / bank owned home. My friends are currently working to spruce up the home. This remodel affords superior masonry construction, with the latest finishes, and modern appliances in the ideal location, Green Valley Fairways

You can do this too! Or of course, you can purchase a previously remodeled home such as the one my friends are working on. Give me a call and we’ll chat about your next move…