Use My Spy Satellite to Find Your Prefect Home

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Burnt out surfing inaccurate second hand listings? Gain access to the MLS & get new listing notifications, track your search, and view homes from a satellite. Here’s how…

  1. Get a Multiple Listing Service, MLS, portal account from your agent.
  2. Browse listings in various “ideal home” searches.
  3. Thumb up listings you want to preview in person.
  4. Thumb down listings that you do not like.
  5. Heart listings you have seen in person and may want to offer on.

Not seeing a listing of interest in the Multiple Listing Service?

The accounts are intended to narrow your focus and track your “ideal home”. There’s one of two chances, the listing of interest does not meet your “ideal home” search criteria. Or two, the listing is not accurate.

  1. Contact your agent.
  2. Provide details on the listing of interest.
  3. The agent can add to your “recommended” cart and or
  4. They can refine your search to include listings of the type you identified.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Leverage your MLS log-in to it’s full extent Your MLS portal is a VERY powerful tool. Make sure you’ve fully explored all the information possible on your selections prior to touring with your agent. This can save you time touring homes that wouldn’t otherwise meet your needs.

Do not rely on second hand online listing information It’s easy to get a false picture of the market. Those websites do always not update outdated listings. They will provide you a false picture of the market.

Do not share your contact information on websites, call on listing signs, flyers, or follow up on random marketing Get your agent to do this for you. Otherwise you will be getting hit from countless angles by people wanting to take your business or worse yet sell your contact info. Plus it’s a recipe for breach in confidentially. Confidentiality is SACRED in real estate and key to getting you the best deal possible.

NEVER go to open houses or builders without your agent These people are CONTRACTUALLY obligated to get the SELLER the best deal NOT YOU. Plus if they show you the property first you automatically loose representation through a process known as procurement. Contact your agent before visiting ANY OPEN HOUSES OR BUILDERS to ensure you have somebody looking out for you. We are your agent and here to look out for your best needs. We represent you NOT THE SELLER. If we are in a dual agency “represent both sides” we’re still obligated to look out for your best interests.

Plan adventures in the area Your agent will love to show you around the community. However, you may like to plan some drives on your own to further explore areas of interest.

Limit your preview tours to 3-6 homes Preview too many homes in person and you’ll have difficulty keeping them straight. You want to limit your search to 6 homes max per preview appointment. Then you can sit down and digest what you have seen.You will want to see at least 3 homes so you have options on your plate when it comes to making an offer.

PS. Want a Multiple Listing Service account? Visit this page, to watch a short video on purchasing a home. Then complete the buyer questionnaire and we will create an MLS account for you.