Fairbank Historic Townsite: A Ghost Town on the San Pedro River

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We were headed back from a Sunday cruise to Tombstone. On our way back we decided to take the scenic route through Sonita on highway 82. Just before sunset we glimpsed an obscure sign in the San Pedro River Valley. It said Fairbanks Historic Townsite.

I couldn’t resist my curiosity. We pulled over and drove down a short dirt road the end of which revealed a Ghost Town. The the Ghost Town is located in Bureau of Land Management, Federal Land. I had my federal park pass handy so we parked and had a short look.

There was a small camping area, mainly for a hostess to look after the old city, now a park area. Their RV was towards the back of a picnic area. There was also a bookstore in the old schoolhouse. Unfortunately, we were too late and they had closed up.

I grabbed a flyer and we went for a short hike down to the San Pedro River. Amazingly there was a little water in the river! Quite rare for Southern Arizona. The picture below are a few excerpts from that flyer.

I love taking these little weekend adventures. Over the last 12 months I have made it a point to do something fun every Sunday. I have discovered a new destination almost every weekend. Arizona is FULL of adventure.

I’d love to share our state with you. If you’re interested in a life of adventure drop me a line in the form below and we’ll see about getting you a vacation home or full time residence.