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20 Minute Listing Presentation with Rocket Scientists & Engineers


Everybody LOVES paperwork…  I’m saying that with a slight bit of sarcasm. My former life as an engineer I went through tens of THOUSANDS of pages of paperwork. Quite possibly in excess of 100,000 pages on safety critical medical & aerospace designs but then again who’s counting…  Perhaps the environmentalists as I surely killed an entire…

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Selling your home is a lot like impressing your first date – Learn 5 tips to improve your chances with home buyers


They say, home is where the heart is. It’s no surprise when individuals are looking to buy a home they want to be wow’ed, dazzled, and romanced before they put that offer in. Have you ever went on a date with somebody very attractive yet you couldn’t get over their dirty shoes, old cloths, or…

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Increase the value of your home a with a homeowner maintenance log


Let’s pretend, you are buying a home.   You come across two similar homes which you are interested in.  Both meet your needs equally well.  However, the first home, has no record of maintenance.  The second home, has a detailed record of maintenance. I am positive you would purchase the second home.  The only question…

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What is Your Home Worth Today?

What is My Home Worth Today?

Just the other day I was chatting with a client about the value of his home. He was quite concerned his Zestimate (online property value calculator) informed him he owed more on his loan than it was worth. I told him there was no reason to worry just yet.  Then I rushed to my office…

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Pricing Your Home to Sell

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