Selling your home is a lot like impressing your first date – Learn 5 tips to improve your chances with home buyers


They say, home is where the heart is. It’s no surprise when individuals are looking to buy a home they want to be wow’ed, dazzled, and romanced before they put that offer in. Have you ever went on a date with somebody very attractive yet you couldn’t get over their dirty shoes, old cloths, or…

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Deferred maintenance is a home owner’s worst enemy


Deferred maintenance is the deal of a lifetime for an open minded buyer.   All great deals come at somebody’s expense though – the expense of the seller in this situation. One thing I see quite frequently are burnt out AC Condenser compressor units.  These are very easily maintained.  They require is a quick visual inspection to…

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Increase the value of your home a with a homeowner maintenance log


Let’s pretend, you are buying a home.   You come across two similar homes which you are interested in.  Both meet your needs equally well.  However, the first home, has no record of maintenance.  The second home, has a detailed record of maintenance. I am positive you would purchase the second home.  The only question…

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What is Your Home Worth Today?

What is My Home Worth Today?

Just the other day I was chatting with a client about the value of his home. He was quite concerned his Zestimate (online property value calculator) informed him he owed more on his loan than it was worth. I told him there was no reason to worry just yet.  Then I rushed to my office…

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Pricing Your Home to Sell

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Selecting a Real Estate Agent to List Your Home


Buying and Selling homes are some of the most complicated transactions you’ll ever face.  Real Estate Agents are licensed professionals who’s business is helping you with these overwhelming transactions. They are held to stick ethical codes and laws written to protect you.  Choosing the right agent is easily the most important factor in selling your…

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