You can discover 22 telescopes within 30 Minutes at Kitt Peak National Observatory


I am pretty sure as a kid you would lay out on your back at night and look up at the stars.  I know I sure did. I spent countless nights trying pearing up at the sky and wondering what shapes the stars revealed, if anybody else was up there, and if there was any way…

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This big hole in the ground might spark your interest, ASARCO Mission Mine Tour

ASARCO Mission Mine

I am sure you have seen the copper mines which are clearly visible from Interstate 19. I can agree, they are a bit of an eye soar. However, they are completely fascinating. Their history is quite rich as well and they have provided the means to develop a prosperous economy which we can all appreciate. Discover…

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Adventure Awaits You in an Exquisitely Beautiful Sky Island

Madera Canyon / Mt Wrightson in Santa Rita Mountains of Arizona

Do you need a scenic get away?  Is the daily grind wearing you down?  Then Madera Canyon prefect escape for you. It’s lofty mountain peaks, forested slopes, and seasonal streams are something you wouldn’t expect to see in the Desert.  That is because this Canyon supports a unique ecosystem known as a sky island. Here…

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