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Green Valley Golf Courses


Southern Arizona consistently gets more sunshine each year than anyplace else in the United States.  That’s great news for golfers who flock to Green Valley each year to enjoy fun in the sun and more good days for golfing than anywhere else.  There are 8 fantastic courses within city limits to choose from ranging from…

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Welcoming Tucson monsoon season 2013

Tucson Monsoon Season 2013

Those of you who moved back home for the summer are missing one of the best parts of life in Tucson.  That’s the monsoon season.  Summer monsoons are spectacular!  Something everybody should experience in their lifetime. In a short period of time an insane amount of rain is dropped.  The next thing you know it’s…

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Friendly encounter with Gila Monster | Madera Highlands Sahuarita, Arizona

Hela Monster Madera Highlands Sahuarita, Arizona

This evening I took a break from my work to go out and take some pictures. I setup my camera on the peninsula that sticks out above the wash behind my house.  As I was setting up my camera I realized the shot would be even better with my graduated ND filter. So as I typically do…

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Your jaw will drop when you see how much snow we are getting in Arizona!

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Checkout these 30,000+ stunning photos of Madera Canyon in 3 minutes 32 seconds

Madera Canyon as Seen from Madera Highlands

This is a compilation of my first 8 months worth of time lapse images.  It was over 330 billion bytes, or for those of you non techie individuals over 30,000 still images!  I shot everything with my Digital SLR / Cannon Rebel XT.  All images were shot from my back yard in Madera Highlands! Don’t for get…

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You can discover 22 telescopes within 30 Minutes at Kitt Peak National Observatory


I am pretty sure as a kid you would lay out on your back at night and look up at the stars.  I know I sure did. I spent countless nights trying pearing up at the sky and wondering what shapes the stars revealed, if anybody else was up there, and if there was any way…

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My jaw just dropped when I saw my first desert snowstorm [video]!


I think I finally pulled it off.  Last year I tried to capture a snowstorm on Mount Wrightson but it turned out terrible. This year I managed to get 3 days of timelapse as the storm blew over! The above time-lapse is a sequence of 3,120 still photographs I took with my Digital SLR camera….

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This big hole in the ground might spark your interest, ASARCO Mission Mine Tour

ASARCO Mission Mine

I am sure you have seen the copper mines which are clearly visible from Interstate 19. I can agree, they are a bit of an eye soar. However, they are completely fascinating. Their history is quite rich as well and they have provided the means to develop a prosperous economy which we can all appreciate. Discover…

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Fall Sunset in Madera Highlands


Yesterday I took a break to read a book.  While I was reading my book I sat on my meg-shift chair (a 5 gallon pail) and shot this time lapse. I think it’s pretty AWESOME.  But not quite perfect yet.  Unfortunately, my camera is at it’s bottle neck.  I cannot save the files any faster…

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Sahuarita HDR Time Lapse Sunset


There’s some quite spectacular sunsets this time of year and I managed to capture this one. Unfortunately, I’m not a billionaire who can afford a $13,000 camera, so I had to blow out the contrast in Sony Vegas.  It’s the first time I have done HDR in post on a video.  I’m actually quite pleased with the…

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