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The first step to a successful Real Estate Transaction (and life) starts with an annoying lesson from your mom

Personal Responsibility | Lookout for yourself

I have long pondered who was to blame for the sub prime real estate crisis of the early 2000′s which cost so many of my friends their homes and jobs. Back in 1998 the government deregulated FDIC insured deposits allowing banks to back risky investments.  This was followed by looser lending practices that failed to…

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Is your version of the American Dream flawed?


I hit the jackpot in high school Civic class.  The seating asignment had me RIGHT next to the cutest girls in school. We teased each other, and were constantly getting scolded for disrupting class. It did not matter though cause, I already had the best known sentence in the the English speaking world memorized, which…

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Keep an eye out for these amazing tax benefits when selling your home or investment property – Podcast 9


Home is one of the fastest tracks to financial success. Much of your success comes down to purchasing at the right price in the market.  Hence why a good real estate agent advice from an agent such as myself can make a world of difference when it comes to your success.  This success is realized…

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Maximizing tax deductions while renting your home – Podcast 8


When I was in college my friends and I would rent a house then split the rooms and expenses. The really smart kids though would BUY the house.  They would then rent rooms to their friends and collect the rents. After college was over they would refurbish the home and sell it getting a nice…

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Starting a business in your new home – Podcast 7

Business use of home

Do you ever dream of working from home? Perhaps you became a certified personal trainer and would like to setup a gym in your garage. Maybe your an author or even run a non-profit business from your at home office. Lastly, I have to drop this one in there…  Perhaps you complete mountains of real…

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Just bought your home? Here’s a few tax benefits you will want to keep an eye out for… Podcast 6

Home Ownership Tax Deduction

I have really felt singled out and upset the last few years tax season came along.  It has been exceptionally challenging to launch a business and then learn about all the taxes I have to pay on top of it. Then I met Cooper McGeorge, my accountant.  He helped me realize that taxes are really…

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Early Mortgage Payoff Calculator

How to manage mortgage debt

Link to early mortgage payoff calculator Here’s what to do next… If you or anybody you know is looking to finance or even refinance their home have them contact Ian Brannon, 520-618-5636 or ian.brannon(at) If you know anybody looking to buy a home in Arizona have them call me, Matthew Jeschke, 520-344-3481 or matthew(at) Lastly don’t…

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Three things banks look for when you use a loan to buy a condo

Condo Financing Thumbnail

So you are looking to buy home and do not want to give up all the perks of renting, such as lawn care and outside maintenance. A condo may be just the solution for you.  Condos include maintenance benefits of a rental with ownership benefits of a home. You do have to pay a fee…

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Best strategies to pay off mortgage debt despite a tight budget

How to manage mortgage debt

So you just settled into your new home and got your first mortgage payment! The reality sets in that you will be paying your mortgage for years to come.  You start counting the days until your new home is paid off. What if you could pay it off sooner without increasing your payment amount and save tens…

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Get banks to compete for your home loan

Negotiate Mortgage Rate | Tucson Arizona

So you are all set to buy a home.  You have started doing a little researching online or better yet you have a real estate agent helping you if you don’t call me after reading this article – contact info at end. Then you learn you need to get a pre-qualification letter before anybody selling…

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