3 Day Escape into the Grand Canyon

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Every time I go in the back country I face a new challenge. It might be surviving the cold, thin air at altitude, or in this case fear of heights.

Mark and I had been planning a back country trip for some time. We finally made it happen last weekend at the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a destination EVERYBODY should see. I feel a remote back country trip there will teach you about your home as well.

When you journey into the back country as a novice you want to carry all the luxuries. Spare cloths, soap, toothbrush, fancy camera equipment, candy, and the works. As you become more seasoned you learn that the more luxuries you leave behind the more your experience.

Things you felt essential, such as soap, become a burden to the journey. Especially in the Grand Canyon where, what goes down, must come up. Returning from the base of the Canyon was one of the most physically demanding things I have done and I had to carry everything back up, a mile straight up.

Buying your next home is much like journeying into the Canyon. You have to carry all those items you buy, including your home, through life.

Journey into the Canyon

Mark and I jumped into his super futuristic Toyota Prius and headed up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The top of the Canyon was COLD. We bundled up and took Hermit Trail to Boucher, and onto White’s Butte. The climate became more comfortable the further we descended.

I started to notice the extreme heights as I was soaking up the massive panoramic views of the canyon. For those of you who know me best, I’m extremely scared of heights.

I wanted to capture this epic fear conquering moment my friends, so I clipped my GoPro, point of view camera, to capture the cliff traverses.

Backup Camera to the Rescue

We came to a section where the trail had washed out. I completely locked up in fear. I knew I had to pass that point. There was only about a foot wide path of loose dirt and a massive cliff to the side. I got down low and leaned into the side of the embankment. A bush caught hold of my GoPro camera and flicked it over the cliff. Thankfully I still had my cellphone to capture the trip.

We exited the canyon on Hermit Trail. Carrying out the gear was one of the most physically demanding things I have done in my life. It was also the scariest. This trail traverses a ridge atop a cliff. It does this for quite some distance. In many spaces there are only a few feet between you and the cliff.

I got NO pictures of the ridge. I was too busy clinging to the side of the cliff out of fear. I stared at the trail as much as possible but we were so close to the edge that I could see the valley floor through the peripheral vision of my eyes.

Despite being an extreme pansy we had an amazing trip!

When are you planning your adventure?

I have found a hack, to have luxuries in the back country. We share the weight of a gourmet meal, one person carries a tube of soap, the other the tent poles. Sharing gets us farther on the trail and gives us the best of both worlds, back country adventure and modern luxuries.

I feel sharing also holds true when buying a home. If you buy a big home make sure to invite your friends over once in a while. I’ll even bring you steak.

Back Country packing list: I put together a packing list if you’re interested in planning a Back Country adventure in Arizona. You can check my back country packing guide HERE

Back in 2009 I moved to Arizona so I could spend more time adventuring outdoors. Drop me a line below, if you are like me and would like to make the move. We will chat about upgrading to a life of adventure.